In this article, I will let you know about how can we detect fraud transactions done by either stolen credit card or by some other means. Before starting the real hands on let’s try to understand what is credit card fraud ?

Source :- Google

Credit card fraud means when someone uses your credit card information to make unauthorized purchases in your name.

Nowadays, online shopping is a big in trend so most of the people who do online shopping use credit card, debit card or net banking as their mode of payment, where we don’t have to use physical card, the thing…

In this article, I will let you know about the analysis of YouTube on basis of comments, likes, and dislikes. Simply we have to analyse the sentiment of the user based on the dataset.

Now, firstly let me tell you what is sentiment or what do you mean by sentiment. Sentiment is simply and emotion or a thought of a person or simply we can say that it is an opinion of one person that is expressed. A negative sentiment means some bad emotion or bad thought or some bad opinion. For example :- Let’s say that you have said…

In this article, we will analyse and visualize the data from the weather data set of Finland, a country in the Northern Europe. The data set has hourly temperature recorded for last 10 years starting from 2006–04–01 00:00:00.000 +0200 to 2016–09–09 23:00:00.000 +0200. Now, let’s start without thinking too much.

First let’s start with downloading dataset and for that you can download the dataset either from Kaggle or Click here to download the dataset.

Now, I hope that everyone has downloaded the data set. So, we are going to use the numpy, pandas and the matplotlib libraries of Python.


In this article, I will let you know about how can we use scikit-learn to do machine learning classification on Digits dataset of handwritten digits. You can use any of the dataset for handwritten recognition but here I have used digits dataset. There is no need to download the dataset externally in your PC. I will show you how you can download it using scikit-learn.

Let’s start by loading the dataset. The code below will load the digits dataset into your PC.

You can load the dataset digits into your notebook.

Now as we have loaded the dataset, let’s see how many images and how many labels are there…

Yash Kumar Jha

Pursuing B.Tech(Computer Science-specialization in Data Science & ML). Planning to make my career in the field of Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI expert.

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